Wednesday, May 25, 2016

This is the end

High school started out like this:

  And now it's like this:

At some point we stopped looking at the clock in anticipation and started looking at it in fear, I don't know when this happened. But I do know this isn't how we're supposed to live our lives.

I've been told to live every season to its fullest,
And I know what that means.

It means..
This is it.
This is it for us.

This is what's supposed to happen,
just let it happen,
just let it happen.

We all have the same thoughts and the same weight on our shoulders today,
We've all fallen for the graduation-nostalgia trope and people have felt this a million times before
People have moved on a million times before.

We will move on
We will grow up
We will cut our hair short and sell the mustang for a minivan
We will convince ourselves this was the right choice

But before any of that, we have this moment. This moment right now. Look around you, take a picture, burn this moment into your memory. We are here only once, for a reason.

What I'm really trying to say is

This class changed me. And I won't forget it.
I hope you understand that.

Not to be super white girl, but this really says how I feel:


  1. this made me cry.

    happy tears and sad tears. but this post made me realize, we'll all move on. which is really sad but good.

    you are amazing. thanks for everything.

  2. Powerful.

    Thanks for being you.

    One of the best to ever do it.

  3. im currently sitting in my car crying bc I never thought I would miss high school but i do

    reading this helps and i don't even know what I'm trying to say but

    thank you. thank you a million times

  4. This post felt like the school year's climax to read.

    And I'm with you, sorry I was shy in sociology.

    This is one of those blogs that will live in Paris forever and I'm grateful I got to read it while you were still in high school.

  5. It's been however long now since school has ended and here I am in my kitchen,

    Crying because I'm so grateful that you captured so many beautiful moments for all of us. And crying because I can't imagine another setting in my life where I'll be able to create and show so much expressiveness with people who are just as passionate as I am.
    And I'm crying because I miss the way Nelson would always thank us "just for being here"
    And this sandwich doesn't taste very good so that's upsetting.

    Anyway, I'm still so grateful to know you sol. And I'm glad that we have a friendship outside of school.


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