Sunday, March 20, 2016

Casting Call

Director Solstice Everston is looking to cast a new character in her ongoing drama, The (not so) Secret Life of Solstice Everston, according to reports from supporting actors.

"Last week, I was in the show." said one. "I show up to work this week only to find I've been written out of the rest of the season." "I guess she's taking the show in a new direction", another said aphetically. "She's leaving what the audience knows and loves– two months before the last episode. What does she hope to achieve in such a short amount of time?"

If the reports prove to be true, it could mean big changes to the dynamics of the show. If Everston were to write out or even simply reduce key supporting actors' screen time, critics argue she couldn't hold the show together by herself, thus opening the inevitable window for a new, key lead or comprehensive destruction.

"It would be an odd choice." said one critic."If she does it, she won't last a month without a new character, and we wouldn't have enough time to get to know this new lead. Ratings would drop."

"Ratings would drop."

Despite the looming threat of viewer decay, many key critics believe the reports to be true.  The (not so) Secret Life of Solstice Everston has been known to be unpredictable and even irrational at times, and though ratings this season have been higher than ever before, this isn't expected to change. We'll know for certain when Monday's episode is released and the fourth-quarter contracts are therefore finalized.

Solstice Everston declined to comment.


  1. I love this concept. And the way you put it together. Very creative and original.

  2. ^^same! I loved the concept and your writing style. Its a beautiful peace and so very original.


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