Monday, October 26, 2015

I still avoid you in the halls

I was an idiot
You were an idiot

We were in love, warm and messy.

I don't know what happened. I was fifteen and you were fourteen and I didn't know we were broken until I tried to put us back together.

This shouldn't bother me anymore.
Why the hell does this still bother me?
I was a kid.
I was just a kid.
I'm still just a kid.

I know, I know. I shouldn't have read through those old messages. I shouldn't have done it.
It made me remember...

The feel of your lips
The round bones on your wrist that you probably know the name of
The way you draw in a breath right before laughing
The beat of your heart
The smell of your hair
The sound and feel and taste and smell of absolutely nothing but you

I never stopped loving you,
I just started forgetting.

That was then, but now?

Now I see you in the halls, and I cast my eyes down.
You're a graveyard with legs and death scares me.


  1. "You're a graveyard with legs and death scares me."

  2. "The round bones of your wrist you probably know the name of"

    And of course the last line.

  3. This happened to me when I was 15 too. Still can't look at him in the halls either. But this was a phenomenal post. The imagery is so good!!

  4. incredible and completely relatable.

    "You're a graveyard with legs and death scares me."

  5. YOU'RE A GRAVEYARD WITH LEGS AND DEATH SCARES ME. how did you come up with that?

  6. I'm totally regretting that I never saw this.
    You're an amazing writer.

  7. Graveyards are dying deep down. On the outside there's flowers and pinwheels; to make you forget what is down below.


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