Monday, October 12, 2015

Be the brick.

Dear Solstice,

I'm not sure if writing letters to myself (you?) is weird, but here I am, giving it a shot.

Let's get down to the core of your existence. To what makes you actual, to what makes you solid, to what makes you, shall we say, concrete.

Solstice, life's just one big struggle for authenticity.

Leather vs. Pleather
Metal vs. Plastic
Organic vs. Artificial
We want everything, including ourselves, to be real. Yet we actively pursue this goal through artificial means.

That's what makes this so special. 

Here, in the safety of this blog, you're so close to The Real Solstice Everston. To the girl you want everybody to know. The one that thinks the Marvel movies are just okay and that would've voted for Obama. I find it ironic that it took a new name and a bag secrets to get it done, but here you are: As honest as ever.

Online, anyway.
As for the real world, it's only a matter of time.

We're all just teenagers afraid to admit we don't like the new Marvel movie. 
Afraid to be real.

Be the brick.
You got this.


  1. Yaaaaaaaaasssss

    Be the brick be the brick be the brick BE THE BRICK
    (You know I waited for this yep)

  2. I like this. Write a letter to yourself a cool different idea. Personally I think it worked out great. Might steal if for this upcoming week

  3. this was powerful and wonderful and real.

    thank you for not hiding, solstice.

    youre wonderful.


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