Saturday, August 22, 2015


Late Tuesday night, The Secret Life of Solstice Everston was renewed for it's third and final season by ASD Studios

"It was a struggle, but I always knew we'd make it to three seasons" said director and main character Solstice Everston. "Getting the funding was hard. Convincing the cast members to come back was even harder." 

"Convincing the cast members to 
come back was even harder." 

The Secret Life of Solstice Everston has had it's fair share of struggles: the show has never had a fulfilling plot, and never had any regard for fans' emotional investment in key characters, removing them and adding them again seemingly at random. Even it's creator admits its writers were absent for most of season one and two. 

"Our writing team walked out a long time ago" Everston confirmed. "We've really just been winging it, but ASD Studios seems happy enough, so here we are." 

But there's a catch: ASD Studios has only granted The Secret Life of Solstice Everston one, final season on air. This has become a trend for the studio. Roughly four fifths of its films make it to a third season, with fourth seasons being extremely rare. "They just don't see any appeal after three. They're afraid of stretching the drama out too thin. I'm getting nostalgic already."

"I'm getting nostalgic already."

When asked about the rumors of The Secret Life of Solstice Everston returning with Universal Studios sometime next year, Everston was optimistic but cautionary. "It's definitely possible." She confirmed. "But our fans need to know the show would be drastically different. We have one hell of a third season planned, and it will shape our future."

The Secret Life of Solstice Everston premieres August 19th at 7:45AM, and will end in May of 2016.


  1. This is the coolest thing in the world and I think I'm finally excited for blogs to start up again. Thank you. I'm definitely DVRing this show.

  2. So creative. We've never met but I watched last season a lot, I can guess that the final installment is going to be great.

  3. This was the best intro and should be the top 5, but it wasn't really an intro, was it? I don't know. I should still put it in. I don't know.



    1. This just in - ASD Studios producer Kyle Nelson on the season three premier: "This was the best intro...but it wasn't really an intro, was it?"

      When asked to comment, Everston replied "Oh, that's nice. He's a pretty cool guy."

    2. That was the greatest reply to a reply on a great post.


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