Monday, January 26, 2015

I Don't

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But to me, you're more than a picture. More than words.

To me, you're a memory.

You're not factual. Not tangible, yet you're ever present. You hang over me like a dense cloud and I can't figure it whether or not it's going to rain.

You should be out of my mind by now. It's not a longing for you that I feel. Not regret. I don't miss you.

I miss your eyes and your smile and our happiness and the way the cold didn't seem so bad when you were with me.

But I promise, it has nothing to do with you.

It has everything to do with your wrists though. With your glasses and the taste of your breath. With your ribs that kept popping out of their sockets while I grimaced and you said 'this is normal' like you were working on a car. It has everything to do with the parts of you no one bothered to appreciate.

Damn, that bench.
Damn, that bicycle rack.


Damn, those wrists.

Because, in all honestly, I don't love you. I don't miss you.

I just knew you.


  1. Beautiful and somber and nostalgic... this is really good.

  2. "It has everything to do with the parts of you no one bothered to appreciate." This is so good and true and it made me feel things and I just really get this whole post. "I don't love you, I don't miss you, I just knew you." Seriously, love this all.

  3. This is perfect.. More than relatable in my book.

    So good.

  4. he might've said 'this is normal' but this blog is everything but normal. kudos.

  5. Great job of giving us tangible, concrete things to understand. Like wrists and benches and bikes and ribs. "I think I understand hunting now." #NewGirlQuote ---- Or at least, sadness, maybe. I think I understand sadness or loneliness now.


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