Saturday, November 15, 2014

Keep Breathing

I don’t understand the world. I’ve always pretended to, but I honestly don’t have any idea. I’m lost. I’m afraid to admit that I don’t get it.

I’m afraid I’ll drown in the ocean of truth that is mankind,

I don’t want to succumb to the reality that we’re all just supposed to obey life and avoid bumping into the walls. Avoid changing things.

I don't think I can handle the cold weather,

Or the way you look at me

There has to be something more than this cold rock we call home,

something greater than the sunset,

I want to hold your light in my hand

I want to understand

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  1. There. I did it. I reached the end (so far). It was such an emotional roller coaster, I'm just not entirely sure what to say at this point. I wish I could write and express myself the way you can, and I hope against hope and very selfishly that you might include your speculations of a conversation or a hangout we have some day. Don't feel pressured, I'm just rambling because of my sleep deprevation... Thanks for putting your thoughts out there. You have a wonderful soul and I'm so grateful we could be friends.


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