Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dear Silence

Dear Silence,

I figured you’d come at some point. I just didn’t think it would be like this.

Abyss was right. You’re two very different people. I usually know when Abyss is coming for me. But you don’t make a sound as you walk up the stairs.

You’re definitely empty like Abyss. But you’re at peace, you're calm. Somehow you seemed nicer than the dagger in my heart that he was.

It’s only now that I realize you’re far more dangerous than Abyss could ever be.

Peace is an odd thing. Your trap is springing while I’m on the inside. It’s in this moment I understand it the most. My dearest Silence, I understand your game now.

You make the pain acceptable. As if there’s nothing more in the world for me. When you’re around, I’ve already reached my peak. I shouldn’t expect any more from life.

Silence, I'm another victim. You got me.

It's time I pull the covers over my head and stop trying.


  1. I want you to read a poem of mine that i havent share with many people is that ok?

    1. If it is tell me and i will try and find a way to show only you

  2. Sure :) Email it to me and I'd love to check it out! (

    1. The deed is done. Sorry it took so long...


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