Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Stars Didn't Leave You

Listen, listen to me for just one moment more. Please. I love you. Hear me speak and watch my lips because this is important.

The stars didn't leave you. I did.

I'm sorry I left you broken, fire billowing from your windows while the emergency sprinklers tried to douse a flame unlike any ordinary fire. Because, truth is, I lit the match. Watching the world burn seemed better than watching you suffer. I pressed my foot on the accelerator as the fire truck soared past me towards you.

You blame the Universe for all this. You blame the chaos. It's easier to blame the world than it is to blame your best friend because doing so is admitting that you were wrong about them. Wrong about the way they'd stay by your side until the stars burned out.

You need to be honest with yourself. When I told you that you and I were always looking at the same sky wherever we were, no matter how far apart, I was telling the truth. I'm not constant. But when you look into the night sky dashed with stars, remember that they'll out live all of us.

Remember that they've watched you since day one. Remember that they'll never walk out the door. They're constant, and they know your story is unlike any other. They know your story is beautiful.

Your eyes have never looked like the stars.

The stars have always looked like your eyes.

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  1. "You blame the chaos." and the last two lines.
    so good.


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