Thursday, August 28, 2014


There was a flash of light and a jolt as my head hit the pavement. It was so fast. I was watching my last moments in fast forward when it abruptly paused – building to be extremely loud then instantaneously silent. 



I hear the drone of a plane in the distance. My own, calm breathing.


That's all I can see. The heavens are tainted with a dash of blueberries.


The sun touches my skin. I feel fresh, green grass all around me, against my back. It's aroma fills the air, a calm breeze playing with my hair.

I'm lying in the grass on a summer day.

There's not a cloud in the beautifully unbroken sky. In the distance hear children playing.

I take it in. I breathe.

"Solstice, are you listening? Delilah is about to fly her kite."

It's him.

I look down at myself. I begin to cry.

I've made it.


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