Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Dance of Existence

Oh you, Oh my,

The world was a blooming flower at a time past. 
The flags danced and the sky sang both day and night
The darkness of the earth was to be present only when called upon to sober our thoughts and lengthen the numbered days of which our very existence was dependent upon.

But the sky's melody has changed sinister, ebbing away at our souls in ways only to be understood by strangers of another world.
The constellations from our forgotten time are no more in the eyes of the many

We stumble upon existence, identity, in the midst of conformity
Our voices oppressed by tradition,
The internal chaos of our very souls burgeoning to the material world

Our passion echoes off the walls of humanity, so deafening we lose ourselves in the ideal that could never be, 
left to wander our own existence as we watch it wash away into the Abyss, to be forgotten, as all things should.


  1. "We stumble upon existence..." This line is what caught me the most.

  2. Thanks. This is the result of watching the Dead Poets Society at 2AM... :)


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