Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ticking To Be Noticed

The clock keeps ticking.

I’ve already told it to shut up, as it was interrupting my attempt at brilliance. Turns out, burying it under pillows doesn’t work. Neither does locking it in a medal box, because I still know it’s there. Ticking. Reminding me that life’s too short in every sense. In the end, I don’t blame the clock. It just wants to be noticed.

I’ve been ticking a while now, trying to come up with a halfway decent post in an attempt to trick myself into thinking that people still read this old thing. I’ve gone from a philosopher to yet another blogger lost in the mists of herself.

So yeah, I’m asking for pity comments. Secretly hoping at least someone is getting something out of this.

As humans, we wish to be noteworthy. We hope that someone will turn their head in the halls and think “Gosh they’re noteworthy!”, and the best part is, we never really know what they’re thinking, so it’s not to hard to psych ourselves into the best, or the worst. We all rely on this simple need, because in the end it means we’re doing something right.

Somehow, after the sun has set, after all the depression, broken friendships and empty yearbooks, I’m still here. I figure I’m either really stubborn, or I’m doing something right.

I’m corrupt. If you are too, embrace it.


Solstice Everston


  1. What are you doing Solstice? No one is here... [Echo]


  3. Oh I'm not doing anything. Just reading some of the stuff you have been writing recently. And I think it's really good. You are really good. I never really want to be the first one to comment on a blog so it was really interesting that you had already commented multiple times on your own post. Anyway. I just wanted to comment and tell you, you are an awesome writer. Keep writing.

    1. Good to know. Truth is I don't really know if I'm writing for myself or others anymore. (I knew posting that song from the breakfast club would help!)

    2. Pst! Hey, you're noteworthy. You always write such beautiful things that really make me think. Please keep writing.

  4. I'm reading all your blog posts because i think your brilliant.


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