Friday, April 4, 2014

Bury Me

Bury me.

Bury me as you may,
all I ask is that you let me close my eyes before the dirt rains from above.

Bury me in your bliss,
bury me,
for I deserve it just as you deserve greatness.

Bury me with a book of truths and a book of lies,
for which is which I will be the judge
Bury me with the memories of our youth scratching at the door,
like a dog that wants to get out of the cold

Bury me with a smile just to prove them wrong,
bury me with no heart in your chest,
for I will keep your heart to myself from now on,
even if you want it back.

Bury me quick, then hide.
My corpse will only begin to smell after a few days.

They’ll listen to me now,
now that I’m six feet below.
They’ll know I was always right,
even when I was wrong.

Go on now, I’m ready.

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